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Notice for visitors to our office

Notice for visitors to our office.

Changes in the way we will be working with you:

Rather than face to face meetings in the office we will interact with you by telephone or email and we are also available via Zoom if you require a meeting to be organised via this method

Business Records:

If you need to deliver records, we ask that you deliver between 10am and 4pm and to make an appointment by telephone or email one hour before you intend to deliver the records.

On arrival we ask you to draw our attention to your arrival by knocking on the door, or using the doorbell.

Place your records in the porch.

Leave the building and pull the front door closed behind you

We will then retrieve the records from the porch.

Many of you currently send records to us by post or email and you can, of course, continue to do so.

We hope that the above measures will cause minimum inconvenience to our clients but apologise for any that may be caused.

Hopefully the current situation will be short lived, but taking the above action will help to keep all parties safe during this difficult time.